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Bungee jumping in Uganda, Africa

Most people scream when they jump. But I failed to even gasp for air. Water, rushing water: the only sound I remember clearly. The river was eager and inviting; keen to welcome another victim. It had met thousands before. My feet were tied tightly together with thick cord, as I stumbled towards the edge. Looking… Continue reading Bungee jumping in Uganda, Africa

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California Road Trip: Laguna Beach & LA

Day 6 We’d decided to spend a few days around the Laguna area, and chose the beautiful Corona Del Mar near Newport Beach. It’s a small, affluent neighbourhood with incredible sunset views. They also really like Halloween around there. We had lunch at Zinc Cafe & Market [350 Ocean Avenue], another pretentious-yet-undeniably cute and healthy cafe. Afterwards, I ate my bodyweight… Continue reading California Road Trip: Laguna Beach & LA

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California Road Trip: San Diego

Day 1 – San Diego: Little Italy We arrived in San Diego on the Saturday evening, bleary-eyed but excited. The airport is located in the city centre itself, so you actually feel like you’re landing on top of the buildings. Watching the planes land is insane… see poor footage which doesn’t accurately portray this below: We stayed in… Continue reading California Road Trip: San Diego