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New York’s Best Workouts

Oh, New York. When you want to work out, there are just too many options. Over the last eight months, I’ve tried them all – the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve wasted many important dollars on average classes. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So I’ve created my ultimate workout list, for anyone… Continue reading New York’s Best Workouts

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An open letter to Fitness Blender

Dear Fitness Blender (aka Daniel and Kelli), The world taught me that calories were the enemy. Sport was only reserved for those who had a natural flair. My school teachers implied that if you weren’t destined for the Olympics, you shouldn’t bother exercising. These inaccurate beliefs, which were presented from an early age, persisted throughout my… Continue reading An open letter to Fitness Blender

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Fit & Flexi at Pineapple Dance Studios

WHAT: A unique fitness and flexibility class at Pineapple Dance Studios. DETAILS: Mondays at 12pm in Studio 2. £8 per class. WHO: Created by Ali Trowsdale, a qualified fitness instructor and choreographer with a passion for health and fitness. REVIEW: A rare Monday off gave me the opportunity to finally try Fit & Flexi. The class is designed to… Continue reading Fit & Flexi at Pineapple Dance Studios

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The perfect body does not exist

Gym selfies confuse me. A gym is an environment of opportunity, where you can triumph over immense physical challenge. Yet a passionate workout leaves me sweating, out of breath and probably with a wedgie. Attractive right? So sharing a photo of myself with the world in this state is not something I’d be overly keen to do. Furthermore, a photo… Continue reading The perfect body does not exist