Why we’re not as good as we think we are

When I was 7 years old, I had a best friend called Rosa. We both started a new primary school at the same time and quickly became inseparable. She was from the USA, and taught me about the integral holiday of Halloween. Her poor mother had to pin thousands of balloons on each of us to… Continue reading Why we’re not as good as we think we are

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Bungee jumping in Uganda, Africa

Most people scream when they jump. But I failed to even gasp for air. Water, rushing water: the only sound I remember clearly. The river was eager and inviting; keen to welcome another victim. It had met thousands before. My feet were tied tightly together with thick cord, as I stumbled towards the edge. Looking… Continue reading Bungee jumping in Uganda, Africa


Loneliness is a universal feeling

I noticed her immediately. As she stepped onto the tube carriage, my first thought was: wow. Now as an attached heterosexual female, I don’t make a habit of developing girl-crushes on a strangers. Promise. But this girl had an undeniable aura; she appeared intelligent, witty and kind in equal quantities. “I bet she gets a… Continue reading Loneliness is a universal feeling

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Single is not a dirty word

A lot of scary words start with the letter ‘V’… Voldemort, vampires, venereal disease (you should really get the last one checked out). And for many, ‘Valentine’s’ is also right up there. Whether single or attached, many people see it as a terrifying day to well, DO SOMETHING – spend money, profess unrequited love, have… Continue reading Single is not a dirty word