Travel · USA

California Road Trip

San Diego, LA and Las Vegas


It was one of the biggest “fuck it” moments I’ve ever had.

Fueled by a bottle of wine on a dull Wednesday evening, my housemate and I found ourselves dreaming about adventures. Not a quick weekend break, but something of a lifetime, something that would make us both preposterously poor and happy.

We settled on California; the State of the stars, the land of promise, the home of the In-and-Out burger.  Annual leave was booked and plane tickets were bought.

We traveled in October 2015, and here is what we got up to over two weeks:

Part 1 – San Diego and La Jolla

Part 2 – Laguna Beach and LA

Part 3 – Las Vegas

Key notes:
  • We used Airbnb throughout (excluding Las Vegas). There was so much choice and it was much cheaper than hotels.
  • We rented a car to get from San Diego to LA.
  • You can drive from LA to Las Vegas in approximately 4 hours, but it’s basically just desert. We decided to fly (40 minute flight) as it was pretty cheap – £40 each one way.
  • Uber is bigger and generally more ethical (..!) in California than in London, and is especially handy in LA.

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