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California Road Trip: Las Vegas

Las Vegas (3)
Day 11

We arrived in Vegas late on Day 10, and decided to get some sleep in preparation for the next few days.

In hindsight, this was the single best decision I have ever made.

We stayed at the Polo Towers, which was the cheapest vaguely-nice hotel we could find.

Vegas welcomed us with open arms. Bright lights, everywhere; so much electricity. It is a place of excess – food, alcohol, money, sound pollution.

We spent the day exploring the strip and the casinos.

Las Vegas Las Vegas (2)

Then we headed back to the hotel to get ready for…. Britney Spears! My ten-year old self died of happiness.

She can’t really dance anymore, and she mimed the whole way through the concert… but who cares, it’s Britney in Vegas! We fan-girled real hard.P1020364 P1020356

We partied the rest of the night away at Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop Gardens. It was fine… a fairly nondescript nightclub aside from the faux Eiffel Tower on top. Hey, this is Vegas.Las Vegas (4) Las Vegas (5)

Day 12

It hurt to move. The Vegas spirit had captivated us a little too much. Thank goodness we had M&Ms and Friends on US Netflix to support us through this difficult time in our lives.

After finally managing to move sometime late afternoon, we stumbled to get coffee in anticipation for the night that followed. We’d been cornered by one of those annoying street club promoters the day before selling bar crawl tickets. Having been told by friends that you never need to buy club entry as a female in Vegas, I was strongly against going ahead. But my housemate was super keen, and after thirty minutes (seriously…) of negotiation with our new friend, I gave in.

The evening included visits to PBR Rock Bar & Grill, Cabo Wabo Cantina and Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub. Best way to describe these would be ‘generic-but-fine’.

However, it was a good way of meeting new people, and some of our new friends weren’t too shabby…

Day 13

It hurt to move again. Hey, if you’re going to do Vegas, do it properly. We spent the evening winning big in the casino.Vegas winning big...Then we watched the Fountains of Bellagio as Frank Sinatra sang to us over the loudspeaker…Vegas fountains

There you have it! We lived the American dream, ate all the American food and charmed the American people (hopefully).

Las Vegas observations

  • Three days was more than enough time to spend there. Aside from eating, drinking and gambling… there is very little to actually do.
  • Stay on the strip. All the main attractions are in walking distance. The area is fairly safe to walk about at night.
  • Free drinks! Pretend to play the slot machines!
  • Do not enter Sephora whilst under the influence of alcohol.

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