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Single is not a dirty word

A lot of scary words start with the letter ‘V’… Voldemort, vampires, venereal disease (you should really get the last one checked out).

Painting - smallerAnd for many, ‘Valentine’s’ is also right up there. Whether single or attached, many people see it as a terrifying day to well, DO SOMETHING – spend money, profess unrequited love, have sex, eat your body weight in ice cream.

It’s widely known that it’s just another commercial opportunity for retailers to laugh all the way to the bank. But despite this, most people still can’t help but feel pressure to get it right.

Odd as it may be, I’ve always enjoyed the BIG V. Whatever my relationship status, it’s a nice opportunity to celebrate the existence of those I love, whilst saving a little bit of love for me too (pizza and wine, feeling fine).

When a single friend was asked why she got so excited about Valentine’s Day when she didn’t have a boyfriend, she responded ‘Why on earth would I not be? Any excuse to party’.

Someone not in a relationship enjoying Valentine’s Day? Oh my days. Thing is, the word ‘single’ is not always used positively – it’s usually preceded by its long-term lover, STILL. Still single? Poor you.

Even Dean Martin agrees that you’re nobody ’til somebody loves you.

Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair recently launched their ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ spa treats for one. ‘How forward-thinking!’ I mused, ‘finally single people can enjoy spas too!’. That was until I read the some of the descriptions: Lonely Legs Pedicure for the hefty price of £55, or the Too Pretty To Be Single Facial for a casual £100.

Yes you can have a nice face and nice feet, but you’ll be judged just a little bit too.

Since when was loneliness guaranteed or your ‘prettiness’ defined by if you have a partner or not?

Hey now, let us not forget that even Adolf Hitler was married… so being attached or not doesn’t always indicate your level of worthiness.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life that makes you want to dry hump, then good for you. Get them to buy you chocolate.

But if not, well, whatever any advertising campaign tells you, single is not a dirty word.


2 thoughts on “Single is not a dirty word

  1. So true Miss G! As a married person it’s really difficult to say this out loud to friends, so I’ll say it here.

    It’s wonderful being single. It’s nice having someone. The worst thing to do is be desperate. You can be desperate however partnered or unpartnered you are. As long as you’re enjoying yourself and have a goal, then that’s fantastic. I love my husband, but if I could tell my younger self anything, it would be not to worry about dating/men/sex at all. Not even worth a second’s thought. Someone might turn up at some point, but it’s totally fine if they don’t.

    Oh and wedding days aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. That’s not a life goal in this century (unless you’re K-Middy). It’s a party. And after you’re married people assume that they can ask you about family planning, which isn’t a rabbit hole I’ll dive into now.

    1. I always enjoy reading your thoughtful comments, thank you 🙂 It’s reassuring to hear from someone who is settled, but still has a very balanced view on everything. I think unrealistic expectations have a lot to answer for – here’s looking at you, Disney/every classic rom-com/power ballads. Life is never that glossy, simple or in easy reach (hello, America…) x

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