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Fit & Flexi at Pineapple Dance Studios

WHAT: A unique fitness and flexibility class at Pineapple Dance Studios.

DETAILS: Mondays at 12pm in Studio 2. £8 per class.

WHO: Created by Ali Trowsdale, a qualified fitness instructor and choreographer with a passion for health and fitness.

REVIEW: A rare Monday off gave me the opportunity to finally try Fit & Flexi. The class is designed to increase muscle definition and improve flexibility and is broken down into three sections.

The first section involves a cardio routine set to a motivating soundtrack (hello Nicole Scherzinger). Ali’s background in biology ensures that every movement is effective and has science behind it (as a fellow science geek, I love this).

Next comes the toning section, focusing on the three ‘As’ – “arms, abs and ass!”. It’s challenging, but Ali’s encouragement never shakes (which can’t be said for my abs during a ‘mountain climber plank’).

The class finishes with extended stretching. Whilst workouts such as HIIT are increasingly popular they can often decrease flexibility, so this final section ensures no aspect of being truly fit is missed.

Whilst recovering from an injury, I get nervous about trying a new class… and for fitness novices, the above might sound daunting. But Ali’s warmth and enthusiasm is contagious and she ensures everyone feels welcome. Whether you’re doing splits around the room or struggling to touch your toes, she encourages everyone equally. You will leave the studio with a real sense of energy and achievement.

If you’re looking for a fantastic and comprehensive workout with a happy Monday buzz, then potter down to Ali’s Fit & Flexi class.

Read more information on Fit & Flexi.


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