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Quinn’s Irish Pub, Camden

There are very few places in London that feel like home. With never-ending pop-up restaurants and must-be-seen-at bars, the capital is not the place where everyone knows your name or they’re always glad you came.

The city offers experiences aplenty  – duck AND waffle at 5am; vodka at a bar entirely made of ice; Dirty Dancing in a hot tub on a Sunday night. But there’s nothing quite like finding an establishment that’s reliable and understated, suitable for a quiet drink with a good friend (useful you require secret meetings, for example).

It is with great trust, dear blog reader, that I disclose my greatest kept secret (and I have lots of secrets; that’s why my hair is so big) – Quinn’s Irish Pub.

Found between Camden and Kentish Town, it’s not the swankiest of drinking establishments  – the seats have seen better days, best to stick to bottles rather than draft, and it’s wise to squat when you go for a wee. But none of these things matter when you’re welcomed in with the warmth of an old regular, even if it’s your first trip.

Next time you’re in Camden, leave your judgement and inhibitions at the station and go take a ganer to Quinn’s…
Quinns (3) Quinns (4) 


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