Is it REALLY all about that bass?

Or is Megan Trainor’s song just another form of body-shaming?no treble?

With over 144,000 record sales and 100 million YouTube hits, there is no denying that Megan Trainor’s debut single is huge.

And hey, I’m not gonna lie – being told that “every inch” of me is “perfect from the bottom to the top” is always nice to hear. Especially when it’s accompanied by a melody so sweet it induces Type 2 diabetes.

But as the song continue, I can’t help but feel I’m unintentionally signing up to some passive-aggressive sexist body-shaming club:

“Boys like a little more booty to hold at night”

So if I don’t have an adequate amount of ‘booty’, boys won’t want to hold it? And hang on – my ‘booty’ exists primarily for boys to hold? (and not, per say, to improve my ability to sit down?)

It’s great that Megan Trainor and co-writer Kevin Kadish are telling me to love my body – I’m all for more self-confidence in the world. But truthfully, they are telling me that I should only really love my body if men love it too.

The arguably-problematic lyrics continue:

“I’m bringing booty back,
Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that”

So if I don’t have a booty that boys like, then I’m a skinny bitch? Hang on – I THOUGHT EVERY INCH OF ME IS PERFECT? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME MEGAN? I’M SO CONFUSED.

Who knew that just 3 minutes and 9 seconds of my life could create such a dilemma.

I appreciate that accepting who you are is important – and Megan recently said that the song is about “loving what you got” whatever your size.

It is just a song, yes. But when over 100 million people have consumed it, it becomes something much more powerful.

Until we stop making negative comments about someone’s weight, and more importantly, stop associating this with what ‘attractive’ is defined by, we are simply reinforcing the misconception that a women’s worth is based on her image. Which it is, absolutely and certainly, not.


2 thoughts on “Is it REALLY all about that bass?

  1. Yep, they did the mistake of body shaming. It’s odd how much women there are the charts nowadays appearing feministic, yet the songs revolve only around the traditional perspective of “women existing only for the delight of men”. It’s quite sad really. Also, what is with all the butt-centrisism?

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