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Don’t be afraid of living your life

I don’t know much about nipple tassels.

So why did I find myself at an audition for a Burlesque dance troupe one cold weekday evening…? Let me explain.

A week prior, a friend and I were having a lovely dinner at a lovely restaurant. Surrounded by pizza, I was in my happy place. The waiter brought over the dessert menu. Happier place still.

But then, my cheeky inner dialogue chirped up:

“…dessert makes me happy!…”

“… I don’t think you need any more calories today…”

“… what if that is the last piece of chocolate fudge cake you’ll ever get chance to order…?”

“… can you afford it…?”

“…didn’t you have cake earlier…?”

I worried my way through five whole minutes without making a decision, before excusing myself for the bathroom.

I’d spent valuable time debating something fairly insignificant, whilst my life passed me by. If I did this about cake, how what would I be like with more serious situations?

Looking in the mirror, the question effortlessly arose: When did I get scared of living my life?

(Of course if my life was a film, talking to myself would be totally normal and I’d be accompanied by some beautiful-yet-dramatic music. As it was, I was alone in a basement toilet with the sound of a replenishing toilet cistern for company).

It was the wise American cartoonist Allen Saunders who first said “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” A perceptive statement, yet one so difficult to act upon.

I spend a great deal of time, like most people, waiting for that one moment when the stars will align and I’ll become who I was really meant to be.

But if it never comes? What if I spend my whole life planning how to live… that I forget to live? Waiting until my deathbed, where I’d go “Huh. I should have booked that trip to India a little earlier eh? LOL!”.

So I made a resolution – to keep pushing myself. To keep trying new things. To keep an open mind.

Hence when I received an e-mail detailing dance auditions, I found myself standing outside a studio on a rainy Thursday  evening (bless you, British Summertime). Nervous, yes – I hadn’t auditioned for anything in three years at least. But I was trying something completely new (and hey, I reckon everyone has a little burlesque in them…).

120 minutes later and I passed the audition. I’m not quite Dita Von Teese yet, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? And there wasn’t a nipple tassel in sight, promise.

Dita Von Teese

So, why not learn that language now? Why not book that trip now? Why not change careers now?

Why not chase what really makes you happy. If not now, then when?

(please excuse me, off to buy cake).

cake make me so happy


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