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The Black Dog Tribe | Ruby Wax

I recently peed into the wind (metaphorically) and wrote about my experiences of self-harm – if you missed it, have a gander here.

I was rather nervous about pressing the ‘Publish’ button, and debated whether I should be writing about my Cronut instead. But the response I received was so supportive, that I’m glad I made a teeny tiny ripple in the monumental ocean of life.

I was delighted that my old friend The Black Dog Tribe featured the post on their website last week – you can see it in all it’s humble glory here.

The Black Dog Tribe

If you’re yet to learn about the website, it was founded by Ruby Wax in 2011, and is a fantastic way of sharing experiences of mental health through a supportive online community.

I’ve been a supporter since its beginning, and even won afternoon tea with Ruby at The Ritz in 2012! You’ll be pleased to know that I ate so many sandwiches, it physically hurt.

Ruby Wax and little prince billy

Huge thank you to Ruby Wax and The Black Dog Tribe for being bloody brilliant.


4 thoughts on “The Black Dog Tribe | Ruby Wax

  1. Go Grace and GO RUBY! That day at the Ritz was the best ever. We ought to repeat it…. Your blog is sensational and so are you – never forget that. Much love xxx

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