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Chelsea Flower Show Fringe

I’m a massive rebel, me.answers on a postcardI eat cake for breakfast; I wear odd socks; sometimes I don’t even wait for the green man before I cross the road (woaaaah).

So when the Chelsea Flower Show happens, I say ‘no thanks motherf*cker, I want some bad ass alternative shizzle, please!’

Along comes the Chelsea Fringe 2014 and answers my prayers. It’s the alternative gardening festival across the UK, featuring 250 projects over three weeks.

I popped along to the event – ‘i beg your pardon, i never promised you a herb garden‘ yesterday (25th May).

Imagine picking your own mint leaves from an exotic selection, brewing it into tea, sitting in the sun with strangers and putting the world to rights. A pretty damn wonderful idea.

Artist Emma Edmondson welcomes you to choose from chocolate mint to lime basil, pineapple mint to grapefruit mint… I chose the chocolate, obviously, and it was lush.

The idea of speaking to people you’ve never met before in central London is rather scary, but what a blissful afternoon it was.i beg your pardon, i never promised you a herb gardensummer summer tiiiiimea plethora of minta cup of the lime basil pleasetea timea question at the back


2 thoughts on “Chelsea Flower Show Fringe

  1. thanks for the inspiration to get out there more…majorly brave move. looks like you were rewarded with a lovely day. must say I have always also felt nah to all that at the ‘main event’, but having visited the CFS this year for the first time this year I’m kinda up for doing both things. chocolate mint tea and a chat sounds grand.

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