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Primrose Hill

Whether you’re Nick Grimshaw or not, Primrose Hill is a pretty marvellous place to be.Londontown is pretty

You don’t even need to be friends with Harry Styles, I promise.

Beautiful pubs, delicious cake shops, stunning views of London… all within a ten-minute walk of each other. Plus you may even walk past Ricky Gervais, which is always exciting.

A good friend came to visit recently, and so we went on a middle-class-London adventure.

As a fellow Engineering graduate, showing him the eponymous pub was obviously the right thing to do. The weather treated us kindly, so a cider in the beer garden obligatory, followed by a trip to the incredible Primrose Hill Bakery (the cake was so good, we forgot to take photos).

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing better in life than good friends, a good view, cider and cake.

The Engineer, Gloucester Avenue This is what Engineers look likeBeer gardens are good gardensSunglasses weather is good weatherCider for life




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