Twitter lies to you

A thought from the archives…

I don’t know about you, but everyone I follow on Twitter has incredible lives.

A dream job, a perfect and affectionate boyfriend, a paradise holiday… life is sweet in t’internet world.

In contrast, I must appear incredibly dull.

There are exciting job prospects, fancy social evenings and lucky opportunities, but none of this comes without lots of hard work and sacrifice. Sometimes I get it wrong, sometimes I don’t like my job, sometimes I say the wrong thing, sometimes I spend my Friday nights in front of the telly with a creme egg and MTV Hits (god I’m sexy).

all that is right with the world

I’m certainly not criticising those who celebrate their successes – I certainly do it, and there’s nothing wrong with being proud of who you are. But it’s so easy to get caught up in this virtual world, believing it to be truthful and unexaggerated.

Comparison becomes inevitable, and you’re left feeling like you need to be thinner, more popular, funnier, healthier AND fitter… whilst having more sex, doing more charity work and making an quinoa smoothie. In other words – exhausted and unhappy.

In reality, everyone has their own shit to deal with. They mess up,  they worry about their appearance, they’re insecure about their talents, they feel inadequate, they feel lonely. It’s just that, unfortunately, explaining this in 140 characters or less doesn’t quite have the same ring as “Just back from an incredible time in LA”.

And so, I have made a decision: when I’m feeling a little wobbly, I will turn down the non-stop babble on social media, and spend that energy on looking after myself. Life of course can be wonderful, but I want to find that out for myself rather than reading about it on Twitter.


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