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Behind the scenes of BBC’s Sherlock

WHAT: Sherlock: Anatomy of a Hit by the Royal Television Society

WHERE:  Cavendish Conference Centre (Nearest station: Oxford Circus)

WHEN: Tuesday 4th March 2014, 18.30 – 20.00

HOW MUCH: £12.50

All photos taken by Paul Hampartsoumian, RTSlpb loves Sherlock Despite workng in TV, I still get super excited about opportunities to go behind-the-scenes (you should of seen me in the This Morning studios). So I was almost hyperventilating at the thought of attending the RTS’ Sherlock event, featuring Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Amanda Abbington.

Shamefully, I am a fairly new fan; it’s something I never thought I’d be that interested in. That was, until my family insisted I watch the third series at Christmas. One episode in, I was hooked.

The RTS’ wonderful report can be found here, and frankly they’ve done a much better job that I could do! So instead, I wanted to pick out a few juicy quotes from the evening:

Mark Gattis: “That’s the thing I loved the most [about Sherlock]… he’s spectacularly ignorant”

Ben Stephenson (BBC Drama Controller and Commissioner)“Did we know it would be a phenomenal hit? No…. We thought it would be a niche show that would win an award in Poland”

Steven Moffat on Benedict Cumberbatch: “He was already regarded as a phenomenal actor, he just wasn’t yet a star

Mark Gatiss on Benedict Cumberbatch: “He came in to read, and we didn’t see anyone else”

Mark Gatiss on Sherlock Holmes: “He is humanised, but never human”

Steven Moffat  on Series 4, currently being written: “Best ever set of shocker twists”

Steven Moffat on why the 221B flat number was kept in the series: “because Mark and I wanted to take a photo in front of it”


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