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The Comedy Store, Soho

lpb does The Comedy Store London

WHAT: The Comedy Store London

WHERE: 1a Oxeddon Street (Nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus)

WHEN: Sunday 23rd February 2014, 19.30 – 21.30

HOW MUCH: £19.50 including booking fee

FOR: Beating the Sunday blues your buddies

Since leaving University and becoming an “adult” (technically at least), I can’t seem to shake the Sunday blues. Regardless of how much I love my job, there is something a little gloomy about the end of the weekend and the anticipation of the next day: the 6am start; the smelly, sweaty tube journey; the inevitable crappy weather.

I decided that planning an activity would distract me from my beginning-of-the-week fate. A good friend and I (who incidentally writes a Sunday-themed blog) discovered that we’d never seen stand-up comedy before. After a very quick search on tinernet, we discovered The Comedy Store in Leicester Square (it’s apparently quite famous… who knew).

Sunday was The Comedy Store Players night – an improvisational troupe featuring Paul Merton (he’s on the telly and stuff!), Josie Lawrence, Lee Simpson, Neil Mullarkey, Steve Edis and Andy Smart.

We had no idea what to expect – Would everyone there be super cool and pretentious? Would we be picked from the audience and ridiculed? Would it actually be funny?

Thankfully, we shouldn’t have worried – it was really rather brilliant. The sketches were entertaining, amusing and clever. It did feature lots of audience participation, but in a non-malicious or scary way.

The venue itself was warm, welcoming, beautifully decorated and relaxed. Drinks were reasonably priced, and it ended at a practical time (I’m getting old, I need my sleep).

I would highly recommend a visit to The Comedy Store, and look forward to returning soon.


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