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The Ultimate Break-Up Soundtrack

Heartache is a universal truth for everyone at least once in their lives. It’s undeniably rubbish and hugely time-consuming. Whether it’s a relationship breakdown, unrequited love, or unattainable love (Will Young… *sigh*), little prince billy knows the deal.HeartbreakWhilst time is indeed a healer, sometimes you just need some blooming good choons to soften the below. And hence, I present The Ultimate Break-Up Soundtrack, (loosely based on the seven stages of grief).

1. Shock / Disbelief

Song: ‘Impossible’ by Shontelle

Because: It’s a classy way of being shocked. And everyone loves a bit of Shontelle.

2. Denial

Song: ‘Fairytale’ by Rebecca Ferguson

Because: It’s quite OK to lose willpower sometimes

3. Anger

Song: ‘Before He Cheats’ by Carrie Underwood

Because: No man is worth a criminal conviction, so live vicariously through Ms Underwood instead.

4. Bargaining (aka regaining power)

Song: ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ by Beyoncé

Because: Sometimes it takes even Beyoncé a while to rediscover self-esteem.

5. Guilt (and forgiving yourself, aka what was I thinking?!)

Song: ‘Chivas’ by Kelly Clarkson

Because: Some lessons must be lived to be learnt

6. Depression

Song: ‘By The Grace Of God’ by Katy Perry

Because: It helps let the boo-hoos out.

7. Acceptance and Hope

Song: ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’ by Ella Fitzgerald

Because: The lyrics! The lyrics!

Wise at last, my eyes at last
Are cutting you down to your size at last

…Burned a lot, but learned a lot…

Romance, finis. Your chance, finis
Those ants that invaded my pants, finis
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered no more


lpb x


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