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Where to buy dance shoes in London

I find make-up counters incredibly intimidating. As soon as the assistant notices me, I know they’re watching; judging me for not applying my foundation properly, or for wearing the wrong colour blush.

The conversation starts with “Do you need any help?” and I panic – agreeing with every word they say, purchasing every single product they suggest. Of course I need eyelash primer, thanks so much!

So, take this fear and multiply it by fourteen thousand– that’s how I feel approaching a dance shop.

As a newish, non-professional dancer, I’m scared they’ll ask me to leave as soon as they find out I can’t yet achieve pointe.

However in anticipation of going back to classes after an injury, I needed to invest in some new jazz sneakers (ones that weren’t falling apart and spattered with blood). So I had to bite the bullet, or forever have injured muscles.

After hours of research, I decided to give Bloch London (35 Drury Lane, nearest tube: Leicester Square) a shot. Bloch is one of the leading professional dance manufacturers in the whole wide world. Hey, if I was going to be intimidated I was going to do it properly.Bloch Shop LondonAttempting to achieve nonchalance, I entered the shop and scuttled downstairs to the footwear department.

I needn’t have worried. The sales assistant was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He was also empathetic regarding my injury, which made such a difference. I decided on the S0538L Dance Trainers at £49.95 (yes expensive, but who needs to eat when you’ve got beautiful new dance shoes). Wearing them is like walking on air, and I would wear them all the time if it were socially acceptable to do so.Block Jazz SneakersI’m hoping to ‘test’ them out out a class in the next few weeks, so I will report back with how they are to dance in, but first impressions are – it’s true love.


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