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The Ultimate Break-Up Soundtrack

Heartache is a universal truth for everyone at least once in their lives. It’s undeniably rubbish and hugely time-consuming. Whether it’s a relationship breakdown, unrequited love, or unattainable love (Will Young… *sigh*), little prince billy knows the deal.Whilst time is indeed a healer, sometimes you just need some blooming good choons to soften the below.… Continue reading The Ultimate Break-Up Soundtrack

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Where to buy dance shoes in London

I find make-up counters incredibly intimidating. As soon as the assistant notices me, I know they’re watching; judging me for not applying my foundation properly, or for wearing the wrong colour blush. The conversation starts with “Do you need any help?” and I panic – agreeing with every word they say, purchasing every single product… Continue reading Where to buy dance shoes in London

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River Cruise Tour, Greenwich Park

WHAT: City Cruise Sightseeing River Tour HOW MUCH: £17 for two via FOR: The best way to sight-see LondonI have lived in Londontown for nearly three years (!) and have shamefully never been on the River Thames. And so last Sunday – thank the days it wasn’t raining – a good friend and I… Continue reading River Cruise Tour, Greenwich Park