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I will never be as pretty as an ASOS model

(But that’s OK)

I love ASOS. I really do.

I love how they always have a sale on; I love how their magazines makes me feel like their favourite customer; I love how a crappy day justifies an order of £320 (most of which I will try to send back).

One thing I do not love about ASOS, however, is their hats. I’m always searching for new additions to my family of eccentric headgear. So when I saw this cute burgundy number, it was love at first sight.ASOS modelLook at how pretty and cute that model is! I can be as pretty and cute as that model! I just need the pretty and cute hat!

Before long (24 hours to be exact– damn you, seductive next day delivery) my new friend was here, and I couldn’t wait to try him on.

However, to my distress, I didn’t look quite as cute and pretty as the pictures. It did offer a wealth of styling options though.FinalUnfortunately I decided that it wasn’t too be, and sent it back. However, if you can think of other ways to wear it, get yours from ASOS for £7 here.


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